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Here are some of my favourite sites in no particular order. Check them out when you are site seeing, or send me some that you like.

Interesting view of today's date

Fiona Smyth is amazing. Here is her fabulous site.

Carl Wilson is a thoughtful perceptive writer. I help him with his blog. Zoilus. Check it out.

His link page is comprehensive.

I love this woman's blog.

It is like a letter from home, except I don't know her and she isn't from any home I have ever experienced.


This is a site for sore eyes. I created it. this is a museum for anyone that has ever been a child or had a childhood.

Take a look at the galleries here if you dare.

This one is great.It is always the best collection of interesting links from WFMU, the best radio station, bar none.

A different thing, Here is a site I like a lot for lots of reasons. Simple idea, perfectly excecuted.

Great to see such a spectrum of individuality. Fantastic!

It is pictures of naked women of all shapes and sizes, literally from ages 0-100. Very very moving.

There are so many fantastic collections of links, this is one of the very best. Check on it regularly to see why. Fantastic thing to investigate.

I love Peewee

Always something interesting to read here.

My favourite local park. The Dufferin Grove Park is wonderful for many reasons. A community centre without walls, it happens to collect the best people and activities in a most natural way.

A creative man with lots of projects in progress.

Here is Peter Pan's award winning site

This is gay porn that the people have been edited out of, and only the home decorating can be inspected.... for the cultural worth...

The commentary is siskel/ebert style.
(sort of). This is for people that think that all gay people know a thing or two about design.

Sherry Spence Brownell is an interesting woman that had a serious challenge with her brain tumour that was a lot like mine.Her book is online.

This is from the home page of this site:

"If I were you, I would immediately turn your computer off rather than view any of the dreadful images, read any of the wretched information, play any of the unnerving games or examine the unpleasant books presented within this website. "





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